Here is I

My name is Alexander Madaus, and I am an illustrator, designer, and the owner of Amadaus, LLC. Working to create digital and physical pieces that capture scenes just outside the scope of reality for collectors and small business owners alike, a great deal of my work is used to bring light to the details we encounter each day yet seldom notice; a method borrowed from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco schools.

Pulling my greatest inspirations from the work of Alphonse Mucha and a great deal of late 19th, early 20th century advertisements, I work with my clients through each step of the design process to create an image as unique in its concept as its production, using the same techniques my grandfather used to paint signs in shop windows almost a century ago.

Born in Connecticut on what was probably a cold December morning, we skip forward 27 years and find our hero living in Baltimore, Maryland and creating in the midst of a global pandemic.

Originally inspired to art by my mother, who used to draw Pokemon cards for my brother and I in her free time, today I use art not only to reflect what is presented to me, but as a way to interpret the way I experience the world.

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